Monon Guesthouse

        Located in Los Feliz, this 245 sq foot guesthouse is nestled in the back of a hillside property. As a commission, the guest house was meant to spark creativity and imagination for both the husband and wife, an entrepreneur and writer, and their two young children. The site was first approached by the local LA office, Terremoto, and re-imagined to be a wild and graphic garden of cacti and grasses around what would become the future guesthouse. Terremoto reached out to Jerome who began to dream of a childlike, treehouse structure, a kind of garden folie for kids and parents at the back of the garden. The built work closely follows the initial sketch, a small structure with clean lines and unusual proportions, designed around primary geometries but with an interior, spatial complexity.

Photography by Luke Sirimongkhon & Ye Rin Mok   

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